An erotic cake is a cake which, while typically using the ingredients of other dessert cakes, is frosted and shaped to represent sexual parts, acts and organs. Often sexually-related greetings and expressions are written on the surface with icing. The cakes are most often baked and prepared by a retailer who specializes in the style, and are presented to an individual during a festivity limited to adults, such as a bachelor party or a birthday party

Many Americans see cakes as key elements of celebrations, and erotic Bakery Usa cake purchasers use the requisite cake as an opportunity to make a statement. Erotic cakes Bakery USA customers told me that they did not want ‘‘boring,’ ’‘‘same-old’’ erotic bakery cakes but hoped to buy erotic cakes that would ‘‘bring life to the party,’’ and ‘‘fit in with our personality.’’ An African-American woman planning a ‘‘blow out’’ thirtieth erotic cake birthday party for her husband, to be held at a club and staffed by exotic dancers, said ‘‘Since you have to get a erotic cake, why not get the best erotic bakery cake possible?’’ Peter Farb and George Armelagos write that food and drink at modern parties often serve as metaphors forth relationships between party goers . I argue that erotic cakes bakery, symbols deliberately crafted by purchasers intending to make a statement rather than just serve a boring cake, are more than silly party center pieces or even metaphors for interpersonal relationships; they are potent dis-cursive symbols

Erotic cakes Bakery Usa are a fairly common, if infrequently discussed, element of American celebrations. The cakes have been mentioned on popular television shows like Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons, and Americans have either encountered a erotic cake or heard of someone who has.

Erotic bakeries cakes exist in many US cities, including New York, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and Boca Raton, and many traditional bakeries create erotic cakes bakery upon request. Erotic cakes bakery can also be purchased from several bakeries via the Internet; thus, professionally baked erotic cakes are available throughout the country. Each erotic bakery offers a different line of cakes, influenced by both the designer’s aesthetic and customer requests. Some bakeries mold their cakes into obscene shapes, others adorn them with marzipan genitals, and still others stencil pornographic images onto sheet cakes. Our erotic bakery  said that customer input had been a major factor in their creation of different designs, and many bakeries opened in response to public demand for erotic cakes